CORRECTION BOOK A5 Erasable notebook


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How about going for an erasable impression? Sounds crazy, but it’s brilliant…. With a Correctbook, you’ll make any relationship happy: whether it’s school-age or college-age or your adult business associate. And if you print the Correctbook, the benefit to you is even greater. But, first things first… What are we actually talking about?

Correctbooks are notebooks that contain erasable pages. Blank, lined or squared! In fact, the notebook is a kind of mini whiteboard…. This variant has 4 erasable pages (8 pages). With a special pen – which you get included – you can simply write on the pages. The text dries fairly quickly, but can still be wiped off afterwards using the eraser on the pen or a cloth. Handy anyway, if you’ve written that one word at the bottom of the page incorrectly or want to cross a task off your to-do list. Moreover, it is possible to save the notes you have taken digitally with a handy app! In fact, this innovative product is so good that it is the winner of ‘Promotional Gift of the Year 2017 & 2018’. Bonus: part of the proceeds from the unprinted or printed Correctbooks will go to children in Africa, who are sadly short of writing materials. Wonderful gesture, right?

  • Includes 1 Black Erasable Correctbook® Fineliner
  • 4 erasable sheets (8 pages)
  • Supporting Correctbook® Scan App



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