Verder kijken 135 jaar Vrije Universiteit in de samenleving – Ab Flipse


Ever since its foundation in 1880, the Vrije Universiteit has been at the heart of society. This is partly a result of the special way it came about: thanks to private initiative and financed with start-up capital from an entrepreneur who thinks along with you. Dependence on donations was a constant in the first three-quarters of a century of the VU, symbolized by the famous green collection box bearing the image of Abraham Kuyper. The sympathetic supporters liked to remind the university of its social duties. This resulted in an open mind towards society, but occasionally led to frictions between the university and its critical back guard. In a sense, the illustrious early days have always been palpable. The Christian heritage has today been translated into a choice for ‘responsibility’ as one of the core values ​​of research and education. On the basis of 26 biographical portraits of VU prominent people, further viewing shows how the multicolored relationship between university and society has taken shape over the past 135 years.

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