De zeven levens van Abraham Kuyper: portret van een ongrijpbaar staatsman – Johan Snel


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The most famous Dutchman died a century ago. That is to say, the only one besides Queen Wilhelmina to make the front page of The New York Times. Abraham Kuyper was a child prodigy with ‘ten heads and a hundred arms’, chosen in 1906 as the most popular man next to the strongest woman, the young queen. This portrait opens up surprising perspectives on seven of his colorful lives. First the adventurer: alpinist, world traveler. Then his better known roles: celebrated speaker, scientist, activist, journalist and statesman. Each chapter is based on new sources, each with biographical revelations. Together they provide a kaleidoscopic picture of a man whose versatility was surpassed only by his incredible productivity. He wrote more than two hundred books, tens of thousands of articles, traveled halfway around the world and was an avid mountain climber. He had more admirers than opponents, but his sworn enemies formed almost the entire Dutch elite, including the young queen. At the same time, he was the only one who was internationally acclaimed as a statesman and dined with kings and emperors. He was certain of one thing: the biggest divisive issue Dutch history has produced. He has always been controversial. As a historian, Johan Snel got involved in journalism, about which he teaches and writes. Ten journalistic ideals (2016) and Recht van Speak were previously published. Belief in freedom of expression (2011).

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